About Us

Bob's Adirondack FurnitureThank you for joining us today! You may have noticed I don't live in New England any longer.  As some of you may have experienced, life takes you were it takes you but you never forget family and lessons learnt.

My family chose to show the world their passion of craftsmanship by building boats for 200 years and still going.  I learnt that skill and what true craftsmanship meant by working with my grandfather in his wood shop as a young boy in Bristol, Rhode Island.  The same passion and desire for superior craftsmanship is put into each product that we build.

I created and named this company in recognition of my family's skilled trade which spans 200 years of historic craftsmanship throughout New England including the Hodgdon Boatyard of East Boothbay, Maine and the Herreshoff Boatyard of Bristol, Rhode Island.

I am the proud great-grandson of Fred Hodgdon and the grandson of William "Bill" Liscomb.  Both men were superior craftsman at the Herreshoff Boatyard in Bristol, R.I.  Fred and his brothers grew up in the mills and boatyard that his father built in 1817 on the shores of East Boothbay, Maine.  Years later, Fred became of the Foreman of the Herreshoff manufacturing Company which crafted many of the America's Cup Defender boats from 1893-1920.  William Liscomb was also a craftsman of the Cup Defenders and countless other boats during his more than 30 year career with the Herreshoff's

Family woodworking historyToday, the Hodgdon Boatyard, now called "Hodgdon Yachts", continues to provide superior crafted vessels in East Boothbay, Maine with the Hodgdon family leading the way.  The Herreshoff Boatyard in Bristol, Rhode Island is now a museum and houses some of these magnificently crafted boats.

So sit back and enjoy our product lines that are handcrafted with attention to detail and remember that the craftsman who crafted these products learnt from the best and continues to pass on to you 200 years of family tradition. 

We are located in Bargersville, Indiana and you may contact us though our email address: