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Cedar Adirondack Furniture Benefits March 12, 2016 15:41

Hi Everyone,  Hope you are having a great day.  Today I thought I would talk to you about what goes into crafting your Adirondack Furniture and the benefits you will receive from our furniture.

We use Western Red Cedar wood to handcraft our furniture.  There are a number of benefits of this type of wood.  Cedar is a fine grain durable wood that contains oil that act as a preservative to help the wood in resisting rot and decay.  The Western Red Cedar oils give off an aroma that also resists insects and is bacterial & fungal resistance.  Cedar is a lightweight stable wood, that is 80% the strength of oak.

In preparation to start handcrafting your furniture the Cedar is inspected for any defects that could result in the furniture that losing its integrity.  Each part is then cut, planed, routed and put through a drum sander to ensure a smooth finish.  Before we start building the piece we use a "round over" router bit to give each board a beautiful appearance.

To keep the furniture together we use an Outdoor Wood glue, Titebond III and Stainless Steel fasteners.  "NO NAILS"  are used anywhere on our furniture.  Nails eventually work there way loose and the furniture loses its integrity.   Stainless Steel fasteners prevents corrosion and secures each part.  Your furniture is then given a final sanding before a top coat is applied.  I will get into applying stain and other finishes in another segment.  

In a few days I  will have some great news for you so stay tune.  

Thanks for visiting!  Bob